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MeditationThe Japanese word "Ki", when literally translated means "Universal Energy". If you had to explain Ki but were limited to just a few words, you could simply say "ki is the unification of mind and body". It is a fact that all action starts with the mind. The mind moves the body, the body has form, shape and mass and can be contained. However, the mind has no form, shape or mass, it cannot be contained. It can be focused now and at an instant later be roaming the universe.

All individuals have natural Ki. However, when we understand and apply the principles, we can focus and magnify our physical actions.

There are four principles of Ki.  When these are studied and practised, then while performing tasks with your mind and body unified you are able to tap into your full potential (inner strength). This ultimately can be more effective than just using physical strength alone.

To train in Ki we have regular Ki testing. If an individual uses strength to pass the test, it is obvious. When one relaxes and extends their Ki, physical tasks become easier. When mind and body are unified, calm and harmony prevail. We say in Ki Sei Do Kai - MIZU NO KOKORO (a mind like water).

An explanation of Ki by Renshi that everyone can understand:  Think of the Sun.  Within reason, we walk around all day in the Sun with no ill effects.  Now gather the Suns' energy through a magnifying glass, we all know the result - the magnifying glass will harness the Suns' energy into one point, the result is a magnification of the Suns' power.  If you think about this, the Sun did not become more powerful, we just found a way to gather all its energy and project it into one point.  As humans, we waste energy in all directions, however using the principles of Ki, we can project all of our energy into one point - the result being the magnification of power where strength is not relied upon.

Principles of Ki

Ki Sei Do Kai does not promote or exaggerate the Principles of Ki as mystical, in any way whatsoever. 

Special Note:  Ki Sei Do Kai wishes to acknowledge that the "Principles of Ki" have been integrated into Ki Sei Do Kai, are directly the result of the teachings of the North Queensland Ki Society,  and wishes to thank and acknowledge Sensei Robby Kessler for his invaluable help and willingness to share his knowledge and instruction.  While Ki Sei Do Kai acknowledges the North Queensland Aikido Ki Society, Ki Sei Do Kai has no affiliation with the Ki Society whatsoever.  Sensei Kessler will always remain a valuable advisor and friend to the art of Ki Sei Do Kai.

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