Ki Sei Do Kai - Martial Arts  


Ki Sei Do Kai teaches realism in all things, therefore, when students are proficient and confident, light contact to the body to create a reaction in ones opponent is practiced.  No head contact is permitted for obvious reasons. 

Ki Sei Do Kai believes in just enough light contact to create a reaction in your opponent.  For the student to train in a completely non-contact way does not develop the psychology needed in real fighting situations, as well as the distancing and reactionary skills needed for true self defence.

Ki Sei Do Kai does not allow full contact, our belief is if our techniques are as good as they should be, full contact training will result in serious injury to our training partner.  Ki Sei Do Kai believes that to indulge in full contact training safely, one would have to pad up like a gladiator, and this form of training is restrictive and unrealistic in itself, and may give the student a false sense of security.  Ki Sei Do Kai is not a sport, therefore we concentrate on training in a street wise self defence manner.

The Ki Sei Do Kai philosophy is, that at the end of the day, our martial arts system teaches more than just self-defence.  True martial arts is a vehicle for self-improvement, teaching awareness, fitness of both mind and body, humility, and respect.

The five principles of Ki Sei Do Kai are: 

Discipline        Integrity        Spirit         Humility        Respect

Kim and Geoff Sparring

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