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“I have had the privilege of being associated with and training with Ki Sei Do Kai instructors and students for a number of years. Steeped in traditional values and structure but not bound by any rigid set of guidelines, Ki Sei Do Kai utilises and combines skills and techniques from the latest fighting and combat arts with the strength and discipline of the traditional Martial Arts. This structure has enabled Ki Sei Do Kai to evolve into one of the most effective forms of self defence taught in Australia today. Congratulations Renshi Greg Gysin on your contribution to the Martial Arts and the development of the Ki Sei Do Kai system.”
Marcus Lennon 4 deg Blackbelt Tae Kwon Do/ Former Kickboxing Title holder (28 Yrs exp)

“I consider Ki Sei Do Kai to be one of Australias most rounded Martial Arts, I have been involved with Renshi Greg Gysin and Ki Sei Do Kai for the past 7 years, I personally have learnt so much from Renshi Greg and try to emulate my school around his philosophies. I really enjoy cross training with Ki Sei Do Kai because they are open to all Martial Art disciplines new or old. Congratulations Renshi and Ki Sei Do Kai on the creation of such a universal style.”
Sensei Troy Thomson (4th Dan Black Belt) Nyushido MMA

“Having observed and trained with the Ki Sei Do Kai students and their Instructor Renshi Greg Gysin many times over the last decade as a guest Instructor I feel qualified to comment on and recommend this style. It offers a system/style which is the result of the chief Instructor's decades of experience and research, he has used this knowledge to develop a modern effective balanced Martial Art which has as one of its main goals the extremely important objective of looking after and developing your body as you age. As such I consider Ki Sei Do Kai to be suitable for all ages and abilities.”
Sensei Paul Coppo 4th Dan Renshinkan Budokai/5th dan Mushinkai

“I have been training under Renshi Greg Gysin in Ki Sei Do Kai for over 13 years. And I wouldn’t be where I am today in my life or work career without it. Ki Sei Do Kai has given me confidence, physical strength and mental toughness. What you learn in Ki Sei Do Kai does not start and stop in the dojo; you use it throughout your whole life.”
Dion Borg, Mining Software Consultant, 2nd Dan Ki Sei Do Kai

“Thanks to the reality based training which include reaction drills, sparring and bag work I have gained greater confidence to deal with unsociable or aggressive people that I occasionally need to deal with. Whilst our training may not be full contract, it is the realism with which we are encouraged to train that sets Ki Sei Do Kai apart from most other types of martial arts.”
Bill Hutton, Engineer

“In my 40s I started Ki Sei Do Kai to keep myself and my children safe. In Ki Sei Do Kai we learn bagwork, reaction drills, redirection, defensive falling, throws and takedowns for our semi-contact self defence and sparring. My journey in martial arts is the same as my journey in life - challenging, takes commitment, and can be great fun. As I grow awareness, confidence, speed and strength through Ki Sei Do Kai, my friends and family can see growth in my whole life. I will be able to continue training when I am in my 50s and 60s and maybe even longer.”
Vicki Strelan, Occupational Therapist

“I have been involved with the Ki Sei Do Kai system for six months. After researching various local martial arts schools, I chose Ki Sei Do Kai because of its holistic approach to self-defence. Since commencing my training, I haven't left the dojo without some new technical insight, or a reinforcement of prior knowledge. I feel confident in the system because of Renshi Greg Gysin's vast experience in martial arts. Outside of training, I feel that I have gained more self-confidence. I no longer hesitate to approach my university lecturers, and I feel confident in expressing my own values and opinions amongst my peer group.”
Fiona Young, University Student

“Ki Sei Do Kai is an extensive discipline, with strong foundations, focusing on the true martial artist, instead of the brawling. Ki Sei Do Kai brings together some excellent aspects from Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Karate and puts them together in a well rounded internal martial art.”
Shane Campbell, Electronic Technician

“I joined Ki Sei Do Kai initially to improve my fitness level. I gained so much more - strength of character, confidence, friendships and skill. And I was never fitter in my life! ”
Kerrie Lines, Nurse

“Ki Sei Do Kai has been like no other martial art I've trained in before. It incorporates all the best aspects of self defence through many different yet effective styles including boxing, Tae Kwon Do and aikido, With the focus on realistic applications. I found myself enjoying becoming fit and becoming more self aware. My confidence and strength improved greatly as a result. I highly recommend Ki Sei Do Kai to anybody thats interested in becoming a better person and a better martial artist.”
Jay Baumbach, Car Salesperson

“Ki Sei Do Kai has been a great inspirational and empowering influence in my life. The techniques can be used by smaller physiques (women) on larger physiques (mainly men) and used in realistic scenarios. I believe Ki Sei Do Kai has a great basis since it incorporates a punching/kicking style, throws, ukemi and ground fighting skills. I would recommend this martial arts style to anyone interested in trying martial arts.”
Gigi Fischer, Nurse

“I trained with Renshi Greg Gysin for 20 years, the last 14 in Ki Sei Do Kai. The philosophies and principals that Ki Sei Do Kai is built upon are as relevant to everyday life as they are to the fighting arts. From a real understanding about Ki to the significant challenges of bagwork, the finesse of kata to the humility of training with truly wonderful people, my Ki Sei Do Kai journey has certainly changed much in my personal and professional life. It is said that martial arts is not a destination, it is a journey. Thanks for sharing the journey with me over many years Renshi.”
A/Prof Geoffrey Gordon, Anaesthetic and Intensive Care Specialist, 2nd Dan Ki Sei Do Kai

“I elected to join Ki Sei Do for the purpose of increasing health after evaluating a number of local martial arts. I was pleasantly surprised that the curriculum provided useful skills, not only with respect to traditional martial arts, but also elements of self defence from many disciplines within a class that consists of a great mixed group of sociable fellow students taught by approachable knowledgeable instructors. The curriculum accommodates, and is of considerable benefit, to persons of all ages and abilities whether used as an exercise regimen or acquiring self defence skills.”
Bruce Coutts - Director of Taxiation: Coutts Redington Pty Ltd Chartered Accountants

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